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At doDOC, we know the due diligence time and professional report writing are critical to your business growth.

With doDOC ECR your Business streamlines Error‐free Professional Reports to your customers. You multiply your Business output, by saving dozens of hours in formatting, quality check, review and colalboration in each report.

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Generate reports faster & easier

Automate steps, receive assisted guidance and enhance your management

Global Oversight

Get individual reports status or roll up an entire portfolio. doDOC ECR keeps an audit trail and records every event related to your reports. This helps users measure the success of documents as well as meet regulatory and/or compliance objectives. The powerful analytics interface provides reports with drill-down details, which supports managers to identify actionable bottlenecks.


Cuts time for more professional reports

With doDOC ECR you can generate reports faster and easier because many steps of the process are automated. Information from previous reports can be reused and you can define and change access rights, add or remove people, allow them to view, or edit information – all with a simple click.

Workflow that works

doDOC provides a cross-organization solution for the creation, edition, management and approval of your reports in the cloud. Anybody with the right permissions can access, review and sign reports. We help create, control and track your reports regardless of location, device or recipient. You decide who can access your documents – and who cannot.


Easy-to-use and seamless to integrate

doDOC ECR’s interface for report creation has been created specially thinking of the needs of environmental consultants. You can pre-define sections for your reports, use guidance and automate the template generation. When your company starts using doDOC, there are no disruptions or changes in the practices and nobody needs special training.

Integrates seamlessly with any enterprise application

doDOC Box integration was designed to work seamlessly with the cloud-based content management platform. It transparently protects files in the background without disruption to users, and enforces the access rights already set in Box.

Microsoft SharePoint
When integrated with doDOC, your reports are automatically synchronized in SharePoint. As with other enterprise storage applications, documents that have been created with other platforms can be seamlessly imported into doDOC, or exported from doDOC to those platforms.

doDOC accelerates report generation and increases throughput...

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